Skin’s Best Kept Secret: Cellcosmet Switzerland

Dear all,

It’s been way too long, but I have some good posts planned… I promise. I’ve long lost my way of what to post and I finally realized that I’m gonna post whatever I find useful and information worth sharing! Even sometimes outside of fashion. It’ll definitely still be stuff you’ve been asking for, and I hope you’ll like it~~

Today, SKINCARE!!!

Lately, my friends have all been commenting that my skin looks really good. Honestly, I didn’t inherit my mom’s great skin and it sucks. In my early twenties, I had a bad case of adult acne, and I ended up with scars on my face that I absolutely hate. (Though it was completely my fault because I used to pick at the acne. Yea I know, I know… ) ALL or most of my close up photos on the blog and Instagram are a product of heavy concealers, a photo-chromatic serum, and photoshop. Sometimes my skin was so bad I’d have to postpone taking photos.

Bad skin day photo

Fast forward to recent years. Though I’m not breaking out that much anymore, I have a lot of old scars that I’m not a fan of. Over the years I’ve tried almost every cream, serum, and silicon sheet type product to lighten or get rid of my acne scars. I’ve even consulted a dermatologist about laser options, but she told me it would only make my scars worse because of my skin type. So much time and money spent, but nothing worked until I found an absolutely amazing brand that saved my skin. Cellcosmet Switzerland.

It’s a brand most people, including me at first, will have never heard of. My mom’s aesthetician was the one who introduced the brand to her, and then my mom told me I should try it. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it is so worth the price! I’ve never had my skin look or glow like this, AND my pores have visibly shrunk!! Even my husband noticed a difference. I have never had skin like this, and I’ve used almost every skincare brand out there. The secret to this brand is their cellular technology and I won’t bore you with the specs… but if you’re interested I’ve linked their info here.

The products I’m using religiously today, are these:

My arsenal

1. Cellcosmet UltraCell Intensive:

If you only wanted to buy one thing to try, I would suggest the one thing I CANNOT live without which is the “UltraCell Sensitive” treatments. The little glass jars above. This is the holy grail that lightened my scars so much, I can now leave the house with no concealer! I don’t feel like it’s the kind of product that you need to use every day as well as it can get costly. It’s a 12 day program, and in the beginning I used it continually for a few months. When my scar faded significantly, I cut down the use for maintenance every few months. My scars were over a decade old, so it honestly depends on what you want to achieve.

Tiny glass savior

2. The Revitalizing Cellular Day Cream:

I use this as my daily day cream. The scent is a bit heavy, but if your skin is not sensitive to fragrance this is an amazing cream. It’s moisturizing enough without being sticky, and it’s what’s been giving my skin an amazing glow. My pores have also never been less noticeable, it’s crazy!

My day cream

3. Revitalizing Eye Serum:

This eye cream is pretty good, but it is a bit on the sticky side, so if you don’t have the patience to wait for your skin to absorb it before applying makeup… this might not be the eye serum for you. Though I would definitely suggest you give it a try if you have puffiness and dark circle issues. Plus, the cooling tip is always nice for puffiness in the mornings after a night of salty goodness like ramen or kimchi (if you’re like me and eat random things in the middle of the night).

Eye serum with cooling tip

Ok, so the final proof is in the pudding as they say. Here is a recent photo of my skin in the sun, with no concealer on my cheeks, no photoshop, and wearing no foundation… you can see for yourself!!

Keeping my eyes open in the sun was a challenge

This brand was really hard to find for a while, even in Europe, so I never recommended it to anyone. I basically always had to go to the basement pharmacy at Harrods in London or some specialty spa in Paris when I was in town. But they’ve come to the US, are available at Saks Fifth Avenue and even opened their own online boutique! FINALLY! Since it’s actually obtainable now, it makes sense for me to share the “secret”, so you can actually get some too. I hate it when I hear of a good product, but it’s not available to me. Hello, torture? Why tell me?!

Yes. It’s a bit on the “pricey” side, but hey what good stuff isn’t? Plus, it’s definitely cheaper and less invasive than cosmetic procedures or injections (which I’m too scared to try because pain makes me super squeamish)… and… Sharing is caring, right?

P.S. for totally transparency these days… I have linked the products for your convenience and reference, but rest assured that I am not getting paid for any “clicks”.



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