Shop Small & Support

Here’s the thing. When I was going to fashion school in Paris, my classmates were stylish and chic. You’re thinking, duh. Haha. The problem was that we all loved shopping at the same big chains and name brands. A few times a week, we’d see the same skirt or jacket on one of the girls that we saw in the shops. My partner in crime said to me, “That’s why I hate shopping at these big brands or chains.. we all end up with the same sh*t!” And she was right! We would then go on little adventure in the Marais, to find little independent brands and accessories.  Don’t get me wrong, I still shop at  my fave big brands and fast fashion chains… but the only time I really get compliments are when I shop at these small boutiques.

I am so happy to show you this brand “Arris by JSG” When I found and browsed her shop, I was so happy to see that her pieces are hand made and super unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. Statement pieces with an understated edge, and just pretty enough for dressing up or down. And the leather and metal combo is just way too cool for school. When I think of accessories, I always look for pieces that can go with most of my wardrobe. Her pieces can. My favorite are these black “nightrider” earrings I’m wearing. Aren’t they cool and dramatic at the same time? That’s hard to achieve!

They remind me of wings… and they come in this insanely cute little leather pouch! I love supporting smaller designer brands, because I know I’m supporting someone’s dreams. My fiancé once said to me, “Don’t you just love buying pastries from a mom-and-pop, even if they do cost a bit more… there’s more love in there than the supermarkets, it’s in the taste.” That’s how I feel about shopping small. Sure, I’m always going to be a sucker for Zara and the like… buy once in a while, I’ll splurge on a small hand-made piece like this one.

I’ve worn them a few times now, and you know me, I love that I can keep wearing them with every outfit. I am never afraid of repeating accessories, because, let’s be realistic… only celebrities and characters in tv show can NEVER repeat an outfit or accessory.

I know social media and bloggers are constantly plugging and advertising brands just to do so, but these earrings are genuinely fun! The designer is so sweet too, when I told her how much I loved her designs and was wondering if I could get a discount code… she agreed with no hesitation.

If you want to check out her designs… her website is here and you can use my code “FEMME10” for 10% off on your order. Support small brands like hers, feel good, and look uniquely chic!!!

Happy shopping my dears~~ xo

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