Happy New Year!

Another year of memories, another year of adventures. This has been a crazy year for yours truly. The boyfriend proposed (and is now fiancée but I still accidentally say bf) and we travelled a little less than we usually do. But, here are some of my favorites moments of when we did travel, in order to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018! Let’s all strive to travel more in this year to come!!


December in L.A. is shorts weather


When he proposed on Halloween whilst we were traveling in Madrid ❤️

求婚當天, 剛好是萬聖節🎃

Christmas in Pasadena is magical ✨🌲

Pasadena 的聖誕節很有趣的!

Ace Hôtel rooftop celebrating sis-in-law’s engagement

慶祝小姑的訂婚 ❤️

Barcelona’s architecture is breath-taking.


London’s CNY isn’t taken lightly.


The scenery in Lisboa


Post-fashion week coffee


Playing around the Eton area

在 Eton的河邊玩耍

Let’s make more great memories in 2018. What were some of your favorite memories of 2017? Hope they were great!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

希望在新的一年大家都可以創造更多更美好的記憶!這一年你最珍惜的記憶是什麼?希望你收藏的很多 ❤️ 2018年快樂!

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