“Pair-ing” Down Challenge- 37 days

So, my pairing down challenge has come to an end. I wish it could have continued, but wearing the same shoes is not good for the feet. I always knew this, but I thought trainers would be different. Other than for hygienic reasons (I had to deodorize them every day after the first week), the trainers started to hurt the arches of my feet. So, as much as I wanted to wear the shoes for longer, my feet asked me to stop.

It has been fun and rather educational, and if you go on my Instagram, you’ll see all the different outfits I wore from 10/08 until 11/13. Maybe next time I’ll challenge myself with something more practical and that won’t cause small physical issues… 💙

Here’s a few pics from the last few days of this challenge.

m for brands details~ 😘❤️

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