Barcelona: Park Güell

Travel tip: Purchase your tickets online the night before, you'll be able to save a few euros and jump the queue. (We learned about this after our spontaneous walk to the park)

We arrived at the beautiful park around 5pm, and the tickets had sold out even though the park didn't close until 9pm. As it was the last day we were in Barcelona, the boyfriend promised that we'll see the inside the next time we're back. Can't wait! But even though we didn't get to see the inside of the park, we were able to walk around the outside area– which was still really beautiful. Gaudi did a really great job with the design, both inside and outside of the park.

Take this rocky bridge area, for example…

Park Güell is known for the art work of the Antoni Gaudí. The house Gaudí stayed in from 1906- 1926 (built by Berenguer), is a popular attraction and sits just outside the park.

Fun fact: Park Güell was actually a failed housing project that turned into a public park.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, this park is definitely worth checking out… even if you can't go inside (like us) and just wander around the grounds.

Everything I am wearing is/was on sale! Happy shopping beautys!!

Dress: Free People
Sandals: Geox
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

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