Ultimate accessory: the handbag

(I’m back!! Haha, I sincerely apologise for the long break but I have been busy trying to focus on bringing you better content in the future. Thanks for sticking around…)

Today, I want to show you the importance of a good handbag. It’s the ultimate and easiest accessory to amp up an outfit. The handbag that I am currently rocking these days, is this amazing yellow “Alien Clutch” by The Changing Factor.


I love it because of the unique geometric “wings” it seems to have. It also comes in other colours, but my fave is this yellow. Colours that pop, brings an element of accentuating the rest of the outfit.

Here, you’ll see that my outfits are simple and casual. I love the pop of colour an accessory can bring, so I won’t wear an outfit that’s too busy when the purse is this unique. I won’t wear a boring outfit either, but the outfits are more simple in the details.


For example, in this outfit– the subtle accent is in the back embroidery detail.


In this outfit, my shorts have a scalloped hem and my top is two-toned.


Both outfits are fine on their own, and each piece is (get this) less than £30… however, when you throw in an interesting handbag, the entire outfit feels and looks “upgraded.”


You don’t need to wear designer head to toe to feel stylish or fashionable, and you certainly don’t need to spend too much money to play dress up!

You can find this lovely handbag here, and 10% of the proceeds will go to charity– girl causes. Also, for a limited time, you can use my code for an discount of 15% off your purchase “Michelle15” Happy shopping, and trust me when I say that this purse is a definite show stopper!


Embroidered Top: Forever 21

Jeans: boohoo

Trainers: Diesel

Two-toned Top: H&M

Shorts: iRoo

Shoes: Geox

Handbag: The Changing Factor





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