Dressing Up Sunday

What is it about Sundays that bring together the strange juxtaposition of relaxation and a mild case of the “lazies”. In the winter time, it’s that much harder to get out of bed because of the chill. Sleeping in for those extra few hours inevitably causes one to be in a better mood. When I was in Los Angeles I would wake up in the sunshine all year round. Maybe I’ll catch an early yoga session before church, then followed by a late Sunday brunch with friends. Or maybe I’d sleep in, and roll just a little bit late to church. Oops~ I’m just being honest.

_MG_0109 (2)

In London, waking up is a little bit harder because of the lack of sunshine. The clouds always look like fluffy grey pillows summoning one to sleep in all day. So on Sundays here, I try to get really dressed up for church to motivate myself to get up. I plan my outfits that would work with the weather in the morning, and go from there. I have a problem, I know. Today I chose cool tones, because I wasn’t feeling too “‘colorful” with the sporatic showers.

Rainy days tend to be a bit humid, so I try not to layer up too much either.

_MG_0142 (2)

I know you’ve seen this bodysuit on me a few times, as it is one of my favorite sleeve details to layer. The sheer bell sleeves of the bodysuit gives any outfit extra brownie points in my opinion.


I have fun with my cheeky rainy day designer-inspired cheap and cheerful $30 crossbody bag. My designer bags don’t really get to come out and play in the rain. Yes, I am guilty of favoritism.


Living in London makes hoods a necessity. It also makes OTK boots mandatory, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Bodysuit: Zara
Top: Self-Portrait
Tights: Uniqlo
Boots: Vince Camuto
Coat: custom-made (find similar style here here)

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