Faux is the new Black

Here’s the thing, I hear a lot of people say that faux fur is not as great as the real thing. I used to agree, but after learning about the cruelty of what happens to some of these animals… I stopped buying real fur. I am sure that there are a lot of fur out there that is dealt with in a humane way, but I decided not to take the risk. Sometimes, the price tag is steep as well.


This is a very famous luxury parka brand that costs around £2000-5000 per jacket. It’s beautiful I agree, and if you want to spend that kind of money, that’s of course your call! I would just be more comfortable in my faux fur look-alike, and the price tag of £100 is more up my alley as well.

New eco-friendly designers are changing the game for the fashion industry, and I am celebrating the trend this season. Faux fur can be fun, and it can be paired to look great. Here’s my look for it, and my last post of Madrid!


Faux fur can keep you warm, and the good quality ones don’t look “cheap.”


This one has a detachable multi-colored vest for all weather purposes.


The striking blue hood is also detachable.


I paired it with color block jeans for a slimming effect, and of course my favorite blue shoes of the moment.


The advantage to an oversized parka is that you can layer many pieces underneath and still look the same.


Have I made you consider going faux? Well, maybe think about it~ 😉

Coat: boutique in Madrid (Nubbe)

Jeans: Genetic Denim

Top: Of Love and Lemon

Handbag: Saint Laurent

Shoes: Geox

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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