Frugale Find: Loewe Booties

The sale angels were shining on me last week in Madrid, and I could not believe how lucky I was to find these boots at less than ‎€200, which is about 80% off. Loewe is the luxury king of Spanish leather, and I have been wanting a pair of their shoes. These were so comfortable I pretty much wore them right out of the store.


I love the sheer sleeves of the bodysuit, and how it flares at the cuff.


So, I decided to pair up my favorite all black outfit of the moment and show off the shoes!


With Spain as the perfect setting, I wanted to take my shoes for a stroll at the royal palace of Madrid.



The shoes are both suede and smooth leather with an amazing ring pull side zipper. The heels are reminiscent of a tetris shape and made of metal so it’s very durable.


All black is always slimming, and won’t take the attention away from the star of the outfit: the shoes. Ok, but the palace in the background is pretty magnifique, non?


It is mid-season sales all around, happy hunting and I hope you get as lucky as I have!

Top: Zara

Shorts: Claudie Pierlot

Handbag: Chloe

Shoes: Loewe

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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