Madrid: Layering What You Own

Madrid was amazing, and the next few posts will be recaps of our incredible trip to Spain. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The weather in Madrid was sunny and inviting the first week we arrived, but it changed unexpectedly and caught us off guard. I panicked and looked in my suitcase. I had packed jumpers and light layers to keep me warm, but I was not expecting the drastic change in weather. So, I did what I always do and improvised. The result was quite fun~


I layered my long sleeve cotton dress with a chunky sweater dress for walking around Plaza Espana, and then topped it off with jeans for extra warmth.


I rolled the sleeves up for a look that won’t swallow and drown me in an oversized sweater.


I matched the tone of the jeans with the dress underneath so that the layering won’t look too complicated. The navy lace up shoes was just close enough in coloring for a slight pop.


Sitting beside the only outdoor Egyptian ruins in Europe @ Parque de la Montana, it was pretty cool~


I like the slight movement of the second dress under the bulk of the sweater dress. Gives it a flowy feel in the Fall. Voila! A warm and cozy  new outfit without having to stress about what I didn’t pack for Spain.

There’s always a way to wear what you already have in a new way, you just have to experiment! 🙂

Sweater Dress: Zara 

Long Sleeve Dress: Forever 21

Jeans: Genetic Denim

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Shoes: Geox

Handbag: Chloe

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