Ruffle Romper: A Simple 2-in-1

I love ruffle rompers, and it’s actually just a recent “good buy” discovery. Sure, you may feel like it’s a trendy piece, but hear me out. The reasoning is that once you’ve worn it to a few summer soirees, you CAN still keep wearing it. How? It’s so simple you’ll probably just laugh at me~

Here is my favorite one at the moment, all ruffles and embellishments.



Throw on some Prada heels, and you’re ready for a special occasion!


Let’s not forget the back detail…


So, I’ve worn this little darling twice this summer, and now what? Let me remind you what the bottom part of the romper is…


Yup, trousers/pants!!


Fortunately, the cold weather is upon us so that I can rock these with any sweaters/jumpers. Simple enough, your summer party romper is now an additional trouser in your wardrobe.


So, you ready to put on all those summer rompers this Autumn?

Romper: Asos

Heels: Prada

Sweater: Clu Too

Loafers: Asos

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