10 ways: Black heels

Black heels are an absolute staple in every girl’s wardrobe.
But here in London, I realize that there’s an “impracticality” attached to any shoe above the one inch height. I know they’re not great for walking around for miles, but these Kendall +Kylie black shoes are incredibly comfortable and you can wear it with practically anything.


My inspiration came from a visit. Our friend came over one day and saw the black heels on my shoe rack. She went on to rant for over an hour about how she can never walk in them, and even if she could she wouldn’t have anything to wear with such “trendy” shoes.

“I only buy shoes that match everything. I’m practical.”

A light bulb went off in my head.  I said, “You know what, I can come up with 10 ways to wear these shoes.”

So, here we are.

LOOK 1-  to work




This work look may not be dress-code friendly to all workplaces, but throw on a longer black skirt and problem solved! 🙂

Top: Bailey 44

Skirt: Helmut Lang

LOOK 2- to a lounge




The single earring style has always been my go-to for a quick, fun look. I usually buy dramatic earrings, and just wear one for the effect, this way if I lose one I still have one. 😉

Top: Alexis

Shorts: Calvin Klein

Earring: Asos

Sunnies: Perverse Sunglasses

LOOK 3- to lunch



I love see-through fabrics; to me, it’s an understated appeal.

Blouse: Theory

Bralette: Zara

Jeans: boohoo

Purse: Chanel

 LOOK 4- to a date night




One piece outfits are easy and flattering,  especially if the fabric is flowy and light.

Romper: Zara

Necklace: Forever 21

LOOK 5- to a cocktail party



High-waisted skirts and a crop top can accentuate and lengthen legs. 

Top: Endless Rose

Skirt: Alexander McQueen

LOOK 6- to a casual coffee




Any outfit that is completely machine-washable is my coffee outfit; I am horribly clumsy with drinks. 😉

T-Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Armani Exchange

Purse: Chloe

Sunnies: Chanel

Bracelet: Alex & Ani

Cuff: Rebecca Minkoff

LOOK 7- to a garden wedding




I have slightly broad shoulders, so I always break the “off-shoulder” line with fashionble bralette straps. 

Dress: Asos

Cross-body: Saint Laurent

Bralette: Victoria’s Secret

Watch: Leonard & Church

Wrap bracelet: (vintage)

LOOK 8: to a GNO (girl’s night out)




I prefer jeans over dresses for GNO, because hey, “I need one dance!”

Trench: Zara

Bralette: Zara

Necklace: H&M

Jeans: Armani Exchange

LOOK 9: to the theater 




People don’t really dress up for the theater anymore, it’s a shame. I still do it, but a toned down version.

Long Vest: Topshop

Top: //Out Incorporated

Bralette: Zara

Choker: (DIY)

LOOK 10: to a sporting event



Sometimes I get looks when I wear heels to stadiums and venues; umm… I’m not playing the sport, so I thought it was ok? haha

Tee: Lakers

Joggers: Uniqlo

Cap: Oakley

Backpack: Nordstrom

Shoes for all ten looks: Kendall + Kylie

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