Sporty layers… Cool and comfy!

Hot sunny days don’t have to be uncomfortable. You also don’t have to wear skimpy clothes, unless that’s your thing, well then hey go be sexy! However, if you’re in the other boat like me, read on for how I usually keep cool…


Yup, this stunning building is the famous St Paul’s Cathedral in London. There are lots of tourists everywhere, but for good reason.

So, on one of these rare sunny days in London, we took advantage of it and ended up all over town. These are the days when I know we will hit a few kilometers by foot, and I always try to work my gym outfits and trainers/sneakers into the outfit. Functional and comfy because it wicks away my sweat and keeps me cool.



Honestly, for a while I didn’t wear these shoes because I did not want to get any of the pretty pink suede parts dirty… It took some convincing. And well, I clean them after every use. I know, I have issues…


Here’s a closer look at my outfit. It was so hot in the morning that I decided to wear one of my cuter sheer activewear tops over my asymmetrical sports bra. Threw on my oversized joggers because it is airy, a long cardigan when the temperature starts to drop.


Ok, these balls were waaaaaaaaaay harder to balance on than it looks, but these kids kept doing it so I couldn’t resist.


So yea, I looooove long cardigans because I have wide-ish hips, and the length of this cardigan slims down that trouble area by cutting the line on the sides.


We stopped for a cup of these amazing caramelized peanuts sold in carts on the streets, and then I had to sit down, rest, and check my phone.


Then over the bridge we goooo. Excuse my hair, it was so windy that day.


From atop the bridge, to the other side…



Then under a tunnel…



Our trip ended with a stroll through Potter Fields Park, and these amazing installations were so cute. I couldn’t resist this one that stated, “Stop and Pink.” Cuz hey, that statement resonates with me quite well!


Sports Bra: Zara

Cardigan: H&M

Top: //Out Incorporated

Trousers: Uniqlo

Shoes: Nike Air Zero- Limited Tokyo Edition

Cross-body: Rebecca Minkoff

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