Shirt Dress- Look 3

Here’s the thing. I love to shop, but I love getting my money’s worth even more. It’s almost an illness.  Growing up Asian American, things have to have a high “worth” and “value.” If you get something on discount, that’s great!! But, did you get the biggest discount you could? Hah~ I remember shopping and coaming across this navy blue L’Agence shirt dress. I wanted it, but it wasn’t on sale yet.  I looked at it and thought, wait a minute, this is at least three outfits waiting to happen. So then, every outfit is around 66% off!  That’s just simple math. Haha~ Let me show you!!

For the third and last look, I wore the navy L’agence dress as a top. I buttoned it just above the waistline to give it a nice flow, and the result was even better than I expected. I have to admit, this was my favorite look.



These Perverse Sunglasses- “Black Dewap” frame faces really well, especially on those days when the face is a bit bloated (from eating ramen or anything too salty the night before).


This necklace set is from one of my quick shop places in Taiwan, “So Nice.” Though it has a funny name, the shop is a successful chain with trendy and affordable pieces. The shop has its hits and misses, but you can always walk away with something without hurting your wallet. That’s a plus, for me.



The boots are one of my personal favorite from Free People, it is called the Paradiso Wrap Boots. I literally hit up 6 different stores and online boutiques until I found them in my size and this tan color. But it was worth every minute, because they ended up being on sale. Luckily too, because they were from the new collection at the time. But hey, if the retail angels were shining upon me, who am I to deny the savings?




This is a vintage ring set that I rummaged and found in one of my mom’s jewelry cases. She had forgotten about these, but as soon as she saw them on my fingers, she grew a newfound appreciation for them and took them back. Oh well, at least I had them for a while.



Shorts: Jimmy Taverniti

Boots: Free People

Knee-high socks: Free People

Sunglasses: Perverse

Necklace: So Nice

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