Shirt Dress- Look 2

Here’s the thing. I love to shop, but I love getting my money’s worth even more. It’s almost an illness.  Growing up Asian American, things have to have a high “worth” and “value.” If you get something on discount, that’s great!! But, did you get the biggest discount you could? Hah~ I remember shopping and coming across this navy blue L’Agence shirt dress. I wanted it, but it wasn’t on sale yet.  I looked at it and thought, wait a minute, this is at least three outfits waiting to happen. So then, every outfit is around 66% off!  That’s just simple math. Haha~ Let me show you!!

For look two, I used the navy L’agence shirt dress as a lightweight maxi duster. Because of the button down element, it worked perfectly with this striped Michael Kors dress. If you look really closely, you’ll be able to see the stripes of the dress through the slightly sheer shirt dress (now duster), which transforms the dress even more. Hehe, it’ll look different every time (bonus).


The slits give it movement, which is fun!



I finished the simple look with a vintage scarf from the same color family in its undertone. The bright floral prints make this outfit pop without any other additional accessories.


I found these peep-toe booties whilst shopping in Le Marais with my girlfriend in Paris. It was a random boutique and they were the last pair. I have big feet, so luckily they were in my size (41)!! I call it my fashion kismet, it was so meant to be!!


Would you rock this look? I hope you’ll try it!!

Dress: Michael Kors

Shoes: Mi-Mai

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