Shirt Dress- Look 1

Here’s the thing. I love to shop, but I love getting my money’s worth even more. It’s almost an illness.  Growing up Asian American, things have to have a high “worth” and “value.” If you get something on discount, that’s great!! But, did you get the biggest discount you could? Hah~ I remember shopping and coming across this navy blue L’Agence shirt dress. I wanted it, but it wasn’t on sale yet.  I looked at it and thought, wait a minute, this is at least three outfits waiting to happen. So then, every outfit is around 66% off!  That’s just simple math. Haha~ Let me show you!!

Look One is the classic, as-it-is look. I mean, I have to show you what the designer’s main intention was like, otherwise it won’t make sense, will it?


It is very cute on its own as a maxi dress. Go to work, grab some lunch, or meet some friends in the day with this dress. Et cetera, et cetera… Have fun with it! That’s the whole point.



I styled this look with a classic navy Prada handbag, and some patent nude wedges from Jimmy Choo. So very ready to go to a 9-5, or an afternoon tea with my girls! Classy and fun~~


I paired up this look with a Rebecca Minkoff bracelet, and a necklace I “borrowed” from my sister– which I layered by wrapping it around my neck twice.


Look one? Done. Just to throw it on, and pair with some classic accessories.


Dress: L’Agence

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Handbag: Prada

Cuffs: Rebecca Minkoff

Necklace: Sister’s jewelry box

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